USMLE Step 2ck
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Boards & Wards 8week Program complements both organ system and specialty -based curricula.

Boards & Wards is an All- In-One Prep Program for third and fourth -year medical students to supplement medical school curricula. Students can also use this comprehensive review to study for the USMLE Step 2CK.

Structured by organ system, Boards & Wards integrates important information across various disciplines specialties into one active learning workbook. B&W trains you how to think critically to solve medical problems in your exam and your future medical career in organized logic approach.
  • What is the time-frame structure of the Boards & Wards Program for the Step 2CK?
    • Live In Center &
    • Live On Line.
    • Students can join at any Monday of any week of the year as is offered as a 8 week continuous cycles.
    Course time structure:
    • 8week duration
    • 5 day / week
    • 3 hour / day
    B&W 8 week continues cycles Program:
    • Week 1 Cardiovascular system
    • Week 2 Respiratory & renal/urinary system
    • Week 3 Reproductive and endocrine systems
    • Week 4 Blood and lymphoreticular/immune systems
    • Week 5 Musculoskeletal, skin & subcutaneous tissue
    • Week 6 Gastrointestinal system
    • Week 7 Behavioral health & nervous system/special senses
    • Week 8 Clinical Biochemistry & biostatistics/ miscellaneous topics
  • What resources and studying method should I use for step 2CK during the W&B program?
    1.Your own Notebook that you will make actively in B&W comprehensive integrated class. This active learning NOTEBOOK method is the best to understand, and retain the concepts. It is the easiest and the fastest to save time and stress. Dr. Suleiman, will tell you exactly the "What" is important to know and the "How" to pass the exam.

    2.UWorld Q-bank Step 2CK, B&W will integrate the q-bank questions alongside of the program.

    3.How long to study for USMLE Step 2 CK?

    Usually 4 to 6 months including the 2 month of B&W program

    4. How to assess my studying progress and the best predictor of my final exam?

    • a) By taking the UWSA 2 UWorld self - assessments)
    • b) Take one UWSA at the end of our course and take the second UWSA just week before your final exam.
    • c) By taking the last three NBME
    • d) take one test every one or two weeks after finishing our program.
    • e) 3.Do the NBME free 120 self- assessment just days before the final exam.

    We highly recommend you to take B&W USMLE Step 3 Program right after passing USMLE Step 2CK in order to make the prep for step 3 easier, more efficient and faster.

    Exam quide
  • USMLE®️ Step 2 CK
    • US licensure medical exam.
    • After completing the core clinical rotations.
    • One day MCQ
    • Eight 60-minute blocks,
    • One 9-hour session.
    • 40 questions per block
    • Scale ranging 1 to 300.
    • Average score 243
    • passing score
    • 214.
    • Attempt max. 6 times.