On an average 1.8 million brilliant students after their Plus two studies in Bio sciences appear for NEET exam in India and only 5% gets in the medical schools in India and that too after two to three years of rigerous coaching spending money and time and compromising their sleep and mental peace. Out of the above a few stusdents migrate to various countries like China,Russia, Georgia etc but once they come back after their studies they need to qualify Next exam along with a license from their country of study, which is going to be quiet tough and the students take too much time to settle in their career. For such candidates who really want to go for their dream career in Medicine we have designed an 8 years integrated programme ( Under ECFMG) which leads to a Doctorate in Medicine Degree from US. The pathways are as follows:
DOCTORATE of MEDICINE ( 8 years integrated Programme )

Pre- Med

2 Years 4 semester( Canada)

Basic Science

2 Years, 5 Semester ( USA)

Clinical Rotations

2 Years ( USA)+ USMLE

Matching Programme

2 Years ( USA)
General Requirements
Plus two Bio Sciences:
The candidate should have completed their Plus two in India / Abroad in PCB stream with a minimum of 90% marks ( CBSE/ ICSE / IGCSE studemts will get 10% weightage)

All candidates should clear IELTS with a minimum of 6.5 Band.
Legal Verifications:
All candidates should successfully go througfh the legal vaerification process.


  • PRE- MED studies in CANADA
    This is a two year ( 4 semester) residential programme in a public and reputed University in CANADA with necessary training back up from US. After succesful completion of Pre- Med (90 Credits) the students will stay back in Canada till they get PR and meantime their second stage of education starts from a medical school affiliated to US medical university.
    After successful completion of Pre- Med , the candidate moves to US and continue their Basic science programme whicch is estimated to complete in 5 semesters. A aprt of this programme gets started while thencandidate is in canada.
    The theory part of the programmes gets completed with basic science and then the candidate moves to clinical rotations for almost 6 semesters ( Approximately 15 departments). Meantime they will be trained in USMLE step 1 , Step 2 and step 3. On succesfull passing of USMLE 3 steps the candiate will become eligible to work as junior doctor with a monthly salary of $5000 to 10,000 and also will join for 2 years matching programme .
  • Matching Program
    The matching program which is estimated to complete in 2 years under a senior Physician will lead th candidate to get US residency ( USMD) and become an independent Doctor.

    The USMD holders can practice anywhere in the world with out any examination.
    All the candidates undergoing this programme gets CANADIAN PR and US citizenship. All expenditure for their education in the United states will be met from interest free loan from Canadian Banks.